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Our Projects

On this page we will update you on our running and completed projects. Please come back soon!

Our Core Values

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Core values

The entire business is based on five core values. All our employees are familiar with these core values and will act accordingly. We select our clients to the same values in order to build a lasting relationship together.

These are our five core values :

– Respect everyone; supplier, customer, colleague, nature, people and animals.

– Honest business; openness and integrity where it belongs.

– Process-oriented: listen, analyze, learn, improve and innovate.

– Enterprising attitude; we want to forefront in our speciality.

– Customizable; add proactive and effective value of products, aiming higher returns for our customers.

Added Value

R2 Flowers BV is different than most agencies. Not only writing notes. But along with the customers, create concepts and good benefits for everyone. Listening to customers and the market, and anticipate, moreover make the right choices for the future. R2 Flowers BV thinks along with you to make a sufficient return to persist. This works two ways, to both the suppliers as the customers! read more

Our method

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Method R2 Flowers BV

Banner leveringsnota R2

R2 Flowers BV mediates realization of purchases and sales in plant material. They also mediate where necessary in the further implementation of the contract, including in reclamations. R2 Flowers takes care of the agreements and also does the billing for its accounts. However, the payments go directly from the buyer to the seller.

R2 Flowers BV itself is not a party to the agreement concluded between its clients. This is the reason why clients should provide all relevant information regarding the handling of an agreement. So you have to send your delivery orders in time to the administration of R2 Flowers BV.
Delivery notes from one week are sent in a collective invoice to the buyer/client, no later than the Saturday of that week. Sent by R2 Flowers BV, on behalf of a vendor/contractor invoices have a payment term of 14 days. When you bill yourself, we need a copy of the invoices for our own administration.

Make sure you send the invoices at the right time. Billing too late or too early may result in expire the coverage of credit insurance! If the invoices are paid you get a separate provision note for the buyer and the seller. These provision invoices also have a payment term of 14 days. read more

Credit insurance

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Out methods |   Our Core Values   |  Credit Insurance

Credit insurance

Credit management is an important aspect of your business. In cooperation with Euler Hermes, R2 Flowers BV assembled to your specifications a credit insurance. Euler Hermes screens for delivering the solvency of your customers. So you can make responsibly business. R2 Flowers BV closes after approval of Euler Hermes, a credit insurance agreement for you. Any payment risk is hedged by numbers and prices on the purchase agreement. The insurance premium is paid from the standard provision, which can be found in the Terms and Conditions of R2 Flowers BV. As a sign of confidence in this system, in case of default of payment, fills R2 Flowers BV the payment from Euler Hermes of 90% to 100% itself.

R2Peony – Vacancies

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Allround Administrateur

Voor ons bemiddelingsbureau in agrarische producten zijn wij op zoek naar een Administratieve Allrounder. Met ons concept voorzien wij met vraag- en aanbod in een grote behoefte voor onze doelgroep en een steeds groter groeiend marktaandeel voor ons bedrijf. Wij hebben dan ook een uitdagende functie vacant voor een jong en ondernemend iemand.


Voor de vacature van Allround Administrateur bent u verantwoordelijk voor het opbouwen en onderhouden van relaties met klanten. Uw functie zal o.a. bestaan uit het perfectioneren van ordersystemen, uitvoeren van de facturatie en de financiële risicobeheersing van de verkopen van klanten. U bent mede verantwoordelijk voor de coördinatie van de automatisering, het beheer van de website en sociale media zoals Facebook en Linkedin. U volgt de ontwikkelingen in de markt en bent continu op zoek naar toegevoegde waarde voor de klanten. U voelt zich prima thuis in de resultaat- en klantgerichte aanpak van onze organisatie. De werklocatie is bespreekbaar en kan voor een deel vanuit huis worden gedaan. read more

About us

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About us

The Peony Specialist

R2Pioenrozen -  Bowl of Cream

Our team exists of young and enthousiastic Peonies flower and tuber intermediaries. Our company has a history of 20 years of  Peony experience. We are operating fair and honest with only offer from the highest quality Dutch Peony growers. All our material has a certificate from the Dutch inspection service PD or NAK-Tuinbouw. We would like to help you invest the right way for the best return on investment. W help you in you’re search for  high quality planting material. But also for  good advise about fertilizer and pesticides and other advise you can contact us. At this moment we are too busy with the business to busines market. We can’t help the private peony lovers. Sorry for that.


For you’re bare root sales in retail stores we have the right answers. We start with top quality material. Prepared, packed and stored the right way. Quality problems must be history. It’s not necessary anymore to have looses caused by poor quality. We have the expertise to help you find the right protocol for more sales at the retail floor. We can offer you consistent bare root for the use you want. read more


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The Dutch version of this website.

For sure the most important Peony site for every Peony lover. This database site called ‘Web Project Paeonia’ from the German Carsten Buckhardt, contains a very large collection of Peonies. The information is complete and accurate. A very welcome tool to get your information.

The site of the Peony Showgarden Holland Foundation. An important meeting point for Peony minded people. The Showgarden contains a large collection of almost 500 varieties of Peonies. At the Showgarden you can find Europe’s larges collection of Intersectionals. The Peony Showgarden Holland received last season, hundreds of visitors from all over the world.

Helmus Spoelbedrijf

Clean, cleaner, cleanest! Helmus Spoelbedrijf has years of experience in washing and hot water treating flower bulbs and other products. Allowing you to export them, store them or grow plants from them without any concerns.

If you have any questions or would simply like to visit us to see how (cleanly) we work, please telephone us to make an appointment. read more


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Contact R2Flowers BV

R2Pioenrozen - Angel Cheeks

Thank you for visiting our site. To stay informed about the Dutch Peony market please contact R2 Flowers BV. You can check this site once in a while. But we can also add you to our mail list. This way we can keep you informed about Peony news and offer and demand.

For information about Peonies, buying or selling, please call or mail:

R2 Flowers BV
Sales: Richard Jong

Oosterdijk 50 E
1601 DB Enkhuizen
Tel: +31 6 13144202
Fax: +31 228 720660

Contact Peony Showgarden Holland Foundation

The Peony Showgarden Holland Foundation was opened in 2010. The purpose of the Showgarden is to show (potential) customers as many adult varieties in one place. Peony growers, salesman, retailers and wholesalers can draw attention to traditional and the newest varieties. Wholesalers and Peony retailers can even passing by with their customers.

The expectation is that the Showgarden will have impact on the global sales of Peonies. Professional visitors from all over the world are coming to the Peony Showgarden Holland. The foundation organizes all sorts of interesting events and sometimes it’s possible to make a visiting tour of the Dutch Peony companies and visit the Dutch Flower Auction in Aalsmeer.The foundation added last fall about 50 new varieties to a total of 550 varieties. The goal is to collect all the varieties. We have the largest collection of Intersectionals from Europe. Only a few to go. read more


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Free of obligations offerlist Peonia, Harvest 2017/2018

Publication date:20-11-2017
Adolphe RousseauLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid early500
Alba PlenaOfficinalisWhiteDoubleVery early1000
Albert CrousseLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleLate5000
AlertieLactifloraPink lightDoubleVery early1000
Alexander FlemingLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Allan RogersLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid500
AmabilisLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid early1000
Amalia OlsonLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate500
Angel CheeksLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Ann CousinsLactifloraWhiteDoubleVery late1000
ArgentineLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid late1000
AthenaHybridePink bicolorSingleVery early1000
Auguste DesssertLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Augustin d'HourLactifloraPurpleDoubleMid1000
Avis VarnerLactifloraPurpleDoubleMid500
BanaticaOfficinalisPinkSingleVery early1000
Baroness SchroederLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Barrington BelleLactifloraPurpleSingleMid1000
Belle CenterHybrideRed darkSemiEarly250
Benjamin FranklinLactifloraRedDoubleMid500
Bess BockstoceLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleEarly500
Best ManLactifloraPink darkDoubleLate1000
Better TimesLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid1000
Big BenLactifloraRed darkDoubleEarly1000
BingenLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Blonde VisionHybrideRedDoubleVery early100
Blush QueenLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Boule de NeigeLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Bouquet PerfectLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Bouquet PerfectLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Bowl of BeautyLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Bowl of CreamLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Bowl of LoveLactifloraPink bicolorSingleMid1000
Bridal GownLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Bridal IcingLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Bridal ShowerLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
BrightnessHybridePink lightDoubleMid25
Brother ChuckLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Bu TeLactifloraWhiteSingleMid1000
Buckeye BelleHybrideRed darkDoubleEarly1000
Bunker HillLactifloraPurple redDoubleEarly1000
Burma MidnightHybrideRedSingleEarly1000
Burst of JoyHybrideRedDoubleVery early500
Camellia WhiteLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate100
Candy StripeLactifloraWhite stripedDoubleLate150
Capital DomeLactifloraWhiteDoubleEarly200
Cardinals RobeHybrideRedSingleEarly1000
Carl G. KlehmLactifloraCremeDoubleMid100
Carnation BouquetHybridePinkDoubleEarly1000
Catharina FontijnLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
CelebrityLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Charles BurgessLactifloraRedSingleMid1000
Charles LevequeLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid late1000
Charles WhiteLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Charming LadyLactifloraBicolorDoubleMid1000
Cheddar CheeseLactifloraLemonDoubleMid1000
Cheddar GoldLactifloraWhite yellowDoubleMid1000
Cheddar SurpriseLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid250
Chiffon ParfaitLactifloraSalmonDoubleMid late1000
Chocolate SoldierHybrideBrownSingleVery early100
Christmas VelvetHybrideRedDoubleEarly250
Claire du LuneHybrideCremeSingleVery early1000
Color MagnetHybridePurpleSingleMid early100
Command PerformanceHybrideRedDoubleEarly1000
Coral BeachHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Coral CharmHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Coral FayHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Coral 'n GoldHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Coral SunsetHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Coral Supr_meHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Corinne WersanLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Cornelia ShaylorLactifloraBicolorDoubleMid1000
Couronne d'OrLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Crousse BlancheLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Cuckoos NestHybrideRedSemiMid1000
Daisy CoronetLactifloraPurpleSingleEarly100
DaytonLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid500
Diana ParksHybrideRedDoubleEarly1000
Dinner PlateLactifloraPinkDoubleVery late1000
Do TellLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
DoloradellLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid late1000
Don RichardsonHybrideRed darkSingleMid200
DoreenLactifloraPink bicolorSingleMid1000
Dr.F.G. BrethourLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Duchesse de NemoursLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Early ScoutHybrideRedSingleEarly1000
Eden's PerfumeLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Eden's TemptationLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Edouard DoriatLactifloraPinkDoubleLate1000
Edulis SuperbaLactifloraPinkDoubleEarly1000
Edulis SupremeLactifloraPinkDoubleEarly1000
Elisabeth CahnHybrideCremeSingleEarly500
Eliza LundyHybrideRedDoubleEarly1000
Ellen CowleyHybridePink darkSemiEarly500
Elsa SassLactifloraWhiteDoubleVery late1000
Emma KlehmLactifloraPink darkDoubleLate1000
Empire StateLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Etched SalmonLactifloraSalmonDoubleEarly1000
EventideHybridePink darkSingleEarly1000
F. KoppiusLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Fairy's PetticoatLactifloraPinkDoubleEarly500
Feather TopLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Felix CrousseLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Felix SupremeLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Festiva MaximaLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Festiva SupremeLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Fiona (Red Sarah Bernhardt)LactifloraRed darkDoubleMid1000
FlameHybrideRed pinkSingleVery early1000
Flex FlanLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Florence NichollsLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Fragrant BouquetLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Francois OrthegatLactifloraRedDoubleMid late1000
Fringed IvoryLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid early1000
GardeniaLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid early1000
Gay PareeLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid500
Gayborder JuneLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid500
G_n_ral MacMahonLactifloraPurpleDoubleMid1000
Germaine BigotLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Gilbert BarthelotLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Golden GlowHybrideRedSingleEarly100
Golden WheelLactifloraYellowDoubleMid1000
Green HaloLactifloraGreenDoubleMid100
Green LotusLactifloraGreenDoubleMid500
Grover ClevelandLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Helene MartinLutea hybrideWhiteSemiLate500
Henry BockstoceHybrideRed darkDoubleEarly1000
Henry SassLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
HighlightHybrideRed darkDoubleMid1000
Honey GoldLactifloraWhite yellowDoubleMid1000
Hot ChocolateLactifloraBrownDoubleMid500
Illini WarriorHybrideRedSingleEarly1000
Ingenieur DoriatLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Inspecteur LavergneLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Irwin AltmanLactifloraPurple redDoubleMid1000
Ivory VictoryLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid late1000
Jacob StyerLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate25
JacormaLactifloraPinkDoubleVery late1000
JadwigaLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid1000
Jan van LeeuwenLactifloraWhiteSingleMid1000
Jean Claude AllardLactifloraCremeDoubleMid500
Jean E. BockstoceHybrideRedDoubleEarly1000
JokerLactifloraPinkDoubleMid early500
Joseph ChristieLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Karl RosenfieldLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
King's RansomHybrideRedSemiEarly100
Klehm's Pink UnknownLactifloraPinkDoubleMid250
Koningin WilhelminaLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Krinkled WhiteLactifloraWhiteSingleEarly1000
L' EclatanteLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
La Bell / Charles LevequeLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
La FranceLactifloraPinkDoubleMid late1000
La PerleLactifloraPinkDoubleMid25
Lady Alexandra DuffLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Lady AnnaLactifloraPinkDoubleMid500
Lady KateLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Lady LibertyLactifloraPinkDoubleMid500
Lancaster ImpLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid early1000
LargoLactifloraPinkSingleMid late1000
Late WindflowerHybrideWhiteSingleMid160
Laura DessertLactifloraWhite yellowDoubleMid1000
Lavender BabyLactifloraPinkSingleMid100
LavonHybridePink bicolorDoubleMid500
Le PrintempsLactifloraWhiteSingleMid early1000
Lemon ChiffonHybrideLemonSemiEarly1000
Leslie PeckLactifloraPinkSingleMid1000
Lilian WildLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid late1000
Little MedicinemanLactifloraPinkSingleMid1000
Lois ChoiceHybrideSalmonDoubleMid50
Lois E KlehmLactifloraPinkDoubleMid100
Lois KelseyLactifloraWhiteSingleMid1000
Lora DexheimerLactifloraRedDoubleMid150
Lord KitchenerLactifloraRedSingleEarly1000
LoreleiHybrideSalmonDoubleMid early1000
Louis BarthelotLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Louis van HoutteLactifloraPurpleDoubleMid early1000
LovebirdsHybrideWhiteSingleMid early150
Love's TouchLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid50
Lowell ThomasLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Lullaby CoosHybridePinkSemiEarly25
Mackinac GrandHybrideRedSemiEarly1000
Madame BoulangerLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid500
Madame CalotLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Madame Claude TainLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid early500
Madame de VernevilleLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid early1000
Madame d'HourLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Madame Edouard DoriatLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid500
Madame Emile D_bat_neLactifloraPinkDoubleMid late1000
Madame GaudichauLactifloraPurple redDoubleMid late1000
MaestroLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid150
Magenta MelodyLactifloraPinkDoubleMid50
Mai FleuriLactifloraWhiteDoubleEarly1000
Many Happy ReturnsHybrideRedDoubleMid early1000
Margaret TrumanLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Marguerite G_rardLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Marie LemoineLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Marshmallow PuffLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Martha BullochLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Mary BrandLactifloraPurple redDoubleMid1000
Mary E NichollsLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid late1000
Mary Jo LegareHybrideRedDoubleMid1000
Matilda LewisLactifloraRedDoubleMid200
May AppleHybridePinkSingleEarly25
May LilacHybrideLavenderSingleEarly100
Merry MayshineHybrideRedSingleMid1000
Mid MayHybrideCremeSingleEarly25
Miss AmericaLactifloraWhiteSemiMid early1000
Miss EckhartLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Miss KellyLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Miss MaryLactifloraRedSingleMid1000
Mister EdLactifloraBicolorDoubleMid1000
Mons Jules ElieLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid early1000
Mons Martin CuhazacLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Moon of NipponLactifloraWhite yellowSingleMid1000
Moon Over BarringtonHybrideWhiteDoubleLate500
Moon RiverLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
MoonriseHybrideCremeSingleVery early1000
MoonstoneLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Mother's ChoiceLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Mr.G.F. HemerickLactifloraPink bicolorSingleMid1000
Mrs J.V. EdlundLactifloraWhiteDoubleLate1000
Mrs. Frank BeachLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid500
Mrs. Franklin D. RooseveltLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid500
MuskogeeLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid500
Mutabilis PlenaOfficinalisSalmonDoubleEarly1000
Myra McRaeLactifloraPinkDoubleMid25
Nancy NichollsLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Nancy NoraLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
Nellie SaylorLactifloraBicolorDoubleMid1000
Nice GalLactifloraPink darkDoubleMid1000
Nick ShaylorLactifloraPink lightDoubleLate1000
Nippon BeautyLactifloraPurple bicolorDoubleMid late1000
Nippon GoldLactifloraPinkSingleMid late25
NovaHybrideWhite yellowSingleVery early1000
Old FaithfullHybrideRed darkDoubleMid late1000
Orange GloryHybrideOrangeSingleEarly500
Otto FroebelOfficinalisRedSingleMid1000
PaladinHybrideRedDoubleMid early1000
PaladinHybrideRedDoubleMid early1000
Paul M WildLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
Paula FayHybrideRed pinkSingleEarly1000
Peachy RoseHybrideRedDoubleMid500
Pecher / Noemie DemayLactifloraPink lightDoubleEarly1000
Peter BrandLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid1000
Petite EleganceLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Petite Ren_eLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Petticoat FlounceLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid late1000
Petticoat ParadeLactifloraPinkDoubleMid50
Philippe RivoireLactifloraPurple redDoubleMid1000
Pietertje VriendLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid early1000
Pink CameoLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid late1000
Pink DawnLactifloraPinkSingleMid1000
Pink DelightLactifloraPinkSemiEarly25
Pink GiantLactifloraPink lightDoubleVery late1000
Pink Hawaiian CoralHybrideSalmonSemiEarly1000
Pink ParfaitLactifloraPinkDoubleLate1000
Pink SupremeLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
PlainsmanLactifloraWhite yellowSingleMid500
Prairie MoonHybrideCremeSemiMid early250
Prairie PrincessHybridePinkDoubleMid late100
Primev_reLactifloraWhite yellowDoubleMid1000
Princess BrideLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Princess MargaretLactifloraPinkDoubleMid late1000
Profusion PourpreHybrideRedDoubleMid early1000
Purper SuperbaOfficinalisPurple redDoubleEarly1000
QuitzinHybrideYellowDoubleMid early100
Raspberry SundaeLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Red CharmHybrideRed darkDoubleVery early1000
Red GiantLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid250
Red GraceHybrideRed darkDoubleVery early1000
Red MagicLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid1000
Red MonarchHybrideRed darkDoubleMid500
Red QueenLactifloraRed darkSingleMid1000
Red Red RoseLactifloraRedDoubleMid early500
Red Sarah BernhardtLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid1000
Red SatinHybrideRed darkDoubleEarly50
Red SpiderLactifloraRed darkDoubleEarly500
Red SupremeLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid1000
Rosa BonheurLactifloraPinkDoubleLate10
Rose DiamondHybridePinkSingleEarly50
Rose GarlandHybridePinkSingleEarly1000
Rose HeartHybridePinkDoubleMid10
Rose NobelLactifloraPinkDoubleMid25
Rose PearlLactifloraPinkDoubleMid25
Rose ReverenceLactifloraPinkDoubleMid50
Rosea PlenaOfficinalisPinkDoubleEarly1000
Roy Pehrson's Best YellowHybrideYellowSingleMid100
Rubra PlenaOfficinalisRedDoubleEarly1000
Ruffled SunsetSuffriticosaPinkSemiMid25
Ruth ClayLactifloraRedDoubleMid early1000
Salmon DreamHybridePinkSemiEarly150
Salmon GloryHybrideSalmonDoubleMid200
Salmon GlowHybridePinkSemiEarly500
Santa FeLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Sarah BernhardtLactifloraPink lightDoubleLate10000
Sarah Bernhardt SelectionLactifloraPink lightDoubleLate5000
Scarlet o'HaraHybrideRedSingleEarly1000
Sea ShellLactifloraPink lightSingleMid1000
Sebastiaan MaasLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Serene PastelLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid100
Shawnee ChiefLactifloraPurple redDoubleMid1000
She's my StarLactifloraBicolorDoubleMid100
Shirley TempleLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Silver DaubedLactifloraPinkDoubleLate180
Silver Dawn MixHybridePastel mixSingleEarly500
Snow MountainLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Snow SupremeLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
Snow SwanLactifloraWhiteSingleMid1000
Snow WheelLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid500
Soft Salmon SaucerHybrideSalmonSingleEarly150
SolangeLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid late1000
Sophia ChoiceLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
SorbetLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
StarlightHybrideCremeSingleVery early1000
Sub. HutthiHybrideRedDoubleEarly25
Summer GlowHybrideSalmonDoubleEarly500
Sunny GirlHybrideLemonDoubleVery early1000
Susie QLactifloraPinkDoubleLate1000
Sweet SixteenLactifloraPinkDoubleMid1000
Sword DanceLactifloraBicolorDoubleMid1000
The FawnLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid early1000
Tom EckhardtLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Top BrassLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
Uncle TomLactifloraRed darkDoubleMid late100
VesuvianSuffriticosaRed darkSemiMid25
Victoire de la MarneLactifloraPurple redDoubleMid1000
Victoria LincolnHybridePinkDoubleEarly10
Vivid RoseLactifloraPinkDoubleMid late1000
VogueLactifloraPink lightDoubleMid1000
W.F. TurnerLactifloraRedDoubleMid early1000
Walter MainzHybrideRedSingleEarly1000
White BeautyLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
White CapLactifloraPurple bicolorDoubleMid500
White CharmHybrideWhiteDoubleMid100
White GraceLactifloraWhiteSemiMid500
White InnocenceHybrideWhiteSingleMid25
White IvoryLactifloraCremeDoubleMid late1000
White MysteryLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid late500
White PoolLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
White SandsLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid1000
White Sarah BernhardtLactifloraWhiteDoubleMid500
White WingsLactifloraWhiteSingleMid1000
WhopperLactifloraPink bicolorDoubleMid1000
WiesbadenLactifloraPinkDoubleMid late1000
Wine RedLactifloraRedDoubleMid1000
WladyslawaLactifloraPink bicolorSingleMid1000
Al's ChoiceIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid10
Anderson's KaleidoscopeIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid100
Ballarena de SavalIntersectionalLavendelSemiMid25
Berry GarciaIntersectionalPinkDoubleMid50
Border CharmIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid175
Callies MemoryIntersectionalBicolorDoubleMid500
Canary Brilliants?IntersectionalSalmonDoubleMid1000
Caroline ConstabelIntersectionalPinkSemiMid50
Chief Black HawkIntersectionalRedSingleMid10
Copper KettleIntersectionalSalmonDoubleMid100
Cora LouiseIntersectionalBicolorSemiMid500
Dark EyesIntersectionalRedSingleMid25
First ArrivalIntersectionalPurpleSemiMid1000
Garden TreasureIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid1000
Going BananasIntersectionalYellowSingleMid25
Gordon E. SimonsonIntersectionalPurpleSemiMid10
Joanna MarleneIntersectionalBicolorSemiMid50
Julia RoseIntersectionalSalmonDoubleMid1000
Morning LilacIntersectionalPurpleSemiMid200
New MilleniumIntersectionalPinkSemiMid10
Old Rose DandyIntersectionalPinkSingleMid500
Oriental GoldIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid100
Pastel SplendorIntersectionalBicolorSemiMid1000
Pink Double DandyIntersectionalPurpleDoubleMid250
Prairie CharmIntersectionalYellowSemiMid1000
Raggady AnnIntersectionalBicolorDoubleMid25
Rosy ProspectsIntersectionalBicolorSemiMid25
Royal BlushIntersectionalSalmonSemiMid10
Saffron InnocenceIntersectionalCremeSingleMid10
Scarlet HeavenIntersectionalRedSingleMid1000
Sequestered SunshineIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid500
Shining LightIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid500
Simply RedIntersectionalRedSingleMid25
Sonoma AmethystIntersectionalPinkSemiMid100
Sonoma ApricoteIntersectionalPinkSemiMid10
Sonoma HaloIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid10
Sonoma Lavender FancyIntersectionalPurpleSingleMid10
Sonoma MondayIntersectionalYellowSingleMid25
Sonoma SunIntersectionalYellowSemiMid10
Sonoma SundayIntersectionalYellowSingleMid10
Sonoma Velvet RubyIntersectionalRedSemiMid10
Sonoma WelcomeIntersectionalCremeSemiMid25
Strawberry BlushIntersectionalBicolorSemiMid10
Viking Full MoonIntersectionalYellowSemiMid500
Visions of Sugar PlumsIntersectionalPinkSemiMid100
Watermelon WineIntersectionalPinkSemiMid10
White EmperorIntersectionalWhiteSemiMid100
Yankee Doodle DandyIntersectionalPurpleDoubleMid50
Yellow CrownIntersectionalYellowDoubleMid1000
Yellow RiverIntersectionalYellowSemiMid500
Yellow WaterlilyIntersectionalYellowSemiMid25

This information was compiled with the utmost care. This offer is not binding. No rights or claims can be derived from this list. Prices and numbers are part of a selection of the total offerlist and can be different from what is in the list.

This offerlist is compiled from many different growers. Discuss with us for your favourite supplier.

Minimum order is one crate or at least worth € 1000,- excluding inspection and transport.

Please contact us for information or for a free of obligation offer.


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Very welcome at the site of R2 Peonies and R2 Flowers BV. The only site where the professional Peony grower, wholesaler, retailer or salesman can buy almost the whole assortment of Peonies. The professional Peony user can receive an independent advise from a Peony specialist. We from R2 Peonies are independent Intermediaries/brokers with a large knowledge of this product. We can help you with our 20 years of experience in growing Peonies.The most important reason to do business with us is our independency. Not every grower has an honest story by offering you their “personal favorite Peony”. It’s hard to discover the truth about the business. It happens too often that growers from all around the world, offer you the leftovers from the season. Being independent we can arrange the right material for every buyer at the right market price. For you as a Peony buyer it’s a misty maze of growers and it’s not easy to pick out the right company. I can help you making the right choices. read more