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The only place where interested parties can get advice from the specialist in peonies. The entire range for professional peony growers and traders is available here. R2 Flowers BV is not a grower itself, but works as an enthusiastic intermediary for a small commission between buyer and seller. You will receive independent but above all good advice from the Peony specialist. 

Special offer Swenson/Anderson seedlings

With more than 20 years of experience, we can serve you with our extensive knowledge in the field of peony cultivation. Not every grower is equally honest in offering their own “favorite” peony. Unfortunately, it is still too common for growers from all over the world to offer their “leftovers”. It is sometimes difficult to find out the truth. It is a blurry area for buyers and it is not easy to find the right company. Because we are independent, we can arrange the right material for you at the best price.

Almost everything can be supplied through the large network of R2 Flowers BV, of no less than 500 peony growers in the Netherlands and abroad. Although most growers today come from the US, the Netherlands is still the most important country for providing high quality starting material. We have contact with most of the growers from all over the world for the latest material. However for the production of good quality tubers and flowers we prefer to work with the best Dutch growers. The Dutch inspection services PD and NAK-Tuinbouw check the growers to ensure that we provide the best quality Peony tubers and flowers to sell to the rest of the world. Among others, we use this material grown in the Netherlands for projects in Israel, Chile, China, New Zealand, the US, Canada and Europe.

R2 Flowers B.V. is happy to discuss your requirements before purchasing so that we can help you make the right choice.