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Very welcome at the site of R2 Peonies and R2 Flowers BV. The only site where the professional Peony grower, wholesaler, retailer or salesman can buy almost the whole assortment of Peonies. The professional Peony user can receive an independent advise from a Peony specialist. We from R2 Peonies are independent Intermediaries/brokers with a large knowledge of this product. We can help you with our 20 years of experience in growing Peonies. The most important reason to do business with us is our independency. Not every grower has an honest story by offering you their “personal favorite Peony”. It’s hard to discover the truth about the business. It happens too often that growers from all around the world, offer you the leftovers from the season. Being independent we can arrange the right material for every buyer at the right market price. For you as a Peony buyer it’s a misty maze of growers and it’s not easy to pick out the right company. I can help you making the right choices. There’s quite a difference in quality between providers. We work with a large network from about 750 growers from Holland and the rest of Europe to fill in your needs. We have contact with most of the breeders from all over the world for the latest material. However for the production of good quality tubers and flowers we prefer to work with the best Dutch growers. The Dutch inspection services PD and NAK-Tuinbouw check the growers to ensure that we provide the best quality Peony tubers and flowers to sell to the rest of the world.