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R2 Flowers BV mediates realization of purchases and sales in plant material. They also mediate where necessary in the further implementation of the contract, including in reclamations. R2 Flowers takes care of the agreements and also does the billing for its accounts. However, the payments go directly from the buyer to the seller.

R2 Flowers BV itself is not a party to the agreement concluded between its clients. This is the reason why clients should provide all relevant information regarding the handling of an agreement. So you have to send your delivery orders in time to the administration of R2 Flowers BV.
Delivery notes from one week are sent in a collective invoice to the buyer/client, no later than the Saturday of that week. Sent by R2 Flowers BV, on behalf of a vendor/contractor invoices have a payment term of 14 days. When you bill yourself, we need a copy of the invoices for our own administration.

Make sure you send the invoices at the right time. Billing too late or too early may result in expire the coverage of credit insurance! If the invoices are paid you get a separate provision note for the buyer and the seller. These provision invoices also have a payment term of 14 days.