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Core values

The entire business is based on 5 core values. All our employees are familiar with these core values ​​and will act accordingly. We try to select our relationships based on the same values ​​in order to build a lasting relationship together.

These are our 5 core values:

  • Respect for everyon: supplier, customer, colleague, nature, people and animals.
  • Doing fair business: openness and integrity where it belongs.
  • Process-based: listen, analyze, learn, improve and innovate.
  • Enterpricing Attitude: we want to lead the way in our industry.
  • Customer oriented: add proactive and efficient value to products, with the aim of higher returns for our customers.

Added Value

R2 Flowers BV is different from most brokers. We do not only make purchase agreements, but together with the customers we create concepts and trade that benefits everyone. We think it is very important to listen to the customers and the market and to anticipate this in order to make the right choices for the future. R2 Flowers BV thinks along with you to make sufficient returns to survive.
This works both ways, both to the suppliers and to the buyers!

These are our added values:

  • Imaging the supply and demand market.
  • Promoting and supporting products from our suppliers and partners.
  • Assessing and classifying suppliers and parties.
  • Purchasing and collecting products in time.
  • Administrative and financial processing.

Since 2010, we have also been using e-commerce to improve our services further.
We will continue to grow and invest in this in de coming years.