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The Peony Specialist

Our team consists of young enthusiastic peony intermediaries. There is close cooperation with all the top growers of excellent, healthy and NAK-T approved starting material. We are therefore very happy to assist you with the investments you want to make in order to ultimately make a return as quickly as possible. Open and fair return on your money. R2 Flowers BV focuses exclusively on business to business trade.


For you’re bare root sales in retail stores we have the right answers. We start with top quality material. Prepared, packed and stored the right way. Quality problems must be history. It’s not necessary anymore to have looses caused by poor quality. We have the expertise to help you find the right protocol for more sales at the retail floor. We can offer you consistent bare root for the use you want.


We are happy to assist cut flower growers with a cultivation plan by providing independent advice. Every region in the world needs it’s own plan to grow peonies. Local market, cold hours and special wishes are important facts you have to know before placing an order.

Start doing your homework and ask your self some questions: Where do you want to sell your Peony Flowers? Are your customers retailers or specialised florists? Can you store your crop for a couple of day’s? Is there an auction in the neighbourhood? What kind of temparature you have? Are there exceptions in climate during the harvest period? The structure and mixture of the soil, PH degree and quality of the local water are very important. So many factors can influence your profit. The intermediaries of R2 Flowers BV can support you with your businessplan.


In cutflower business it’s important to make a good start. You can only plant your field just one time. When you have harvest the plants, it’s better not to return to the same place were you did grow peonies before. The Peony plants will help you never forget this. They will not die at the same place, but they will not grow as they are supposed to do. The best material is the most important thing to start with, but protecting beginners from making mistakes can also save a lot of time, money and energy. R2 Flowers B.V. can help you take the right steps and build up a profitable Peony crop.

We have expertise in the following activities:

  • Peony bare root growing for cutflower raise all over the world
  • Peony bare root for cutflower raise in greenhouses
  • Cutflower projects all over the world
  • Growing and trading in traditional and new varieties of Paeonia
  • Growing of Peony bare root for sale in retailstores
  • Sale of Peony bare root for container crops
  • Purchase and sale or rental of peony flower plots and complete nurseries
  • Purchase and sale of bare root for exporters / retailers and wholesalers
  • Purchase and sale of ITOH Peonies or Intersectionals


The future of peony cultivation seems to be in a positive line. Retailers and wholesalers can increasingly use bare roots and the numbers are rising. Buyers are having trouble finding larger numbers. We are ready for the future. We have quite a few large Peony growers among our customers of approximately 500 Peony growers and we can make good agreements in the long term for supplying large numbers of bare roots. It’s wonderful to articipate in these kinds of projects in these difficult economic times. Some older growers can no longer stop competition. Meanwhile, the younger businessman comes up with a good business plan and takes his place. We bring buyers and sellers together and close deals so that both parties can make a profit.


Retailers and wholesalers can use Peonies in containers but they demand flowering Peonies in pots. For us the challange to make the Peonies flowering on the pot. This has been tampered with for years with less good starting material. Pot cultivation also requires a specific choice of the range. In recent years we have the knowledge to create a good product for this. We work together with different partners to give you the best advise. We would like to discuss the opportunities with you.

Prices are available on request only at:

R2 Flowers BV
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