Paeonia Itoh Canary Brilliants®

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Paeonia Itoh Canary Brilliants®

Pioenroos Canary brilliants

Anderson (1999)

Canary Brilliants® has an orange salmon color with a dark heart and is a semi to full double Intersectional Hybrid. With the soft smelling flowers is the Peony recommended for gardens and city parks all over the world. Canary Brilliants® is rich of flowers reaching out of the dark foliage. This intersectional has an excellent use for solitaire planting as well for large groups planting. Canary Brilliants® stays beautiful even after the blooming period. The green foliage change in beautiful Indian summer colours in the fall. This Itoh is just as Bartzella a way better then all the other intersectional’s.

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